Role of the Real Estate Agent

Role of the AgentThe role of the real estate agent’s is to help you achieve your aims of selling your property in the most efficient manner possible. The agent acts as a market reporter providing experience and advice on what the market will pay for your home and the most effective way of reaching potential purchasers.

Selling your home can be an arduous task but the right real estate agent will help make the process an easy one.

Listen to their advice as the agent is acting in your best interests. Some people attempt to sell their own home but it is difficult to do when emotion is involved and you are “too close” to the home you are trying to sell.

Real estate agents have access to potential purchasers and they have the experience of knowing what the market has paid for similar homes to yours. The additional money that you gain through obtaining a realistic price, implementing an effective marketing plan and selling your home sooner, well outweighs the cost of employing an experienced agent.

In summary, the major role of your real estate agent is to:
  • Provide a realistic market appraisal.
  • Advise on the best method of sale.
  • Assist you in developing the most effective marketing plan.
  • Implement the marketing plan.
  • Advise on presentation of your home to the public.
  • Bring the property before as many potential purchasers as possible.
  • Negotiate the best price with the purchaser
  • Present any offer
  • Ensure that all requirements in the official sale of your home are fulfilled.
  • Co-ordinate the settlement.

We have ready buyers  Real estate is a full time business. We work full time on your behalf
to secure the best price from the many prospective purchasers on our files.
We know market values We keep abreast of all the events and market conditions affecting real estate in your community. When your property is correctly priced for the market, you can expect fast action – and full value.
We provide a national relocation service We understand the complexities of selling your property in one area and buying in another – and we can make that move so much easier for you. Together with other First National agents in cities and country towns we work in your best interests by relocating clients and sharing information.
We can co-ordinate your “buy” and “sell” transactions The right advice can mean less expense (such as bridging loans) and less hassles (move straight from your present property into your new one -worry free!)
We will promote the sale of your property We will arrange for signboards to be erected (with your approval) to attract more than a little interest. With other First National members we advertise in various local and regional newspapers (and sometimes on radio and television).Photographs will be taken for display in the office window (have you ever noticed how many people look there?). Our sales personnel not only have full details of your property with them at all times, but will be fully aware of it through personal inspection.
We know the laws We will always be fully informed on current and proposed laws, as well as local government and statutory authority requirements.
We give you peace of mind  We will see that financial obligations and commitments are correctly put down in writing on the appropriate forms; that they express the exact agreement of parties; and that copies of such agreements are placed in the hands of all parties involved at the time they are executed and will follow up by providing your solicitor with all the necessary information to complete the sale.