Real Estate Service Guarantee

Service GuaranteeFirst National Real Estate Upper Coomera has a Real Estate Service Guarantee that provides additional protection over and above the requirements of the PAMD Code of Conduct and the REIQ Standards of Business Practice. This ensures you have the security to receive the very best sales experience you can.

Combined Team Support

Every salesperson in the agency will be able to actively promote your property to all prospective buyers until sold. First National Upper Coomera believe that it is vitally important that every salesperson will have equal incentive to sell your property, not just the person that lists it.

Factual Pricing Assessments

First National Real Estate Upper Coomera will provide you a detailed  Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) based on factual evidence from Valuer General Records, National Data Resource Statistics and our own local market knowledge to support our price range assessment at any time requested. You will be provided with a genuine market value assessment without guesswork, to ensure you get the very best price

Written Reports

You will know you are getting the best price, because you will be kept informed and in tune with the local market activity. You will receive a written progress report on each weeks marketing activity until sold, which will tell you:
  • Source of inquiries from advertisements, signs, referrals, window display and the Internet.
  • Number of inquiries & inspections plus the aggregate number of inquiries/inspections.
  • Details of comments & reaction from every buyer that inspects your property.
  • Competing properties in the region that have been sold or listed each week .
  • Staff comments with recommendations, suggestions & ideas.
  • Copies of advertisements for your records & comments.


The sales team will always telephone first (at all times possible) to advise of any intended inspections. All buyer inspections are supervised and keys security coded for your total peace of mind. After each inspection you will be informed in writing of all buyer interest or reactions.

Local Agents

First National Upper Coomera will invite all local real estate agencies with interested prospective buyers, to participate in the sale of your property on a shared commission basis (called a conjunctional sale) and we will ensure that all such conjunction inspections are fully accompanied by a First National Upper Coomera representative and all communication is managed by us on your behalf.

Qualified Buyers

All buyers will be pre-qualified prior to inspecting your property so as to minimise the number of “lookers” and disruption to your home. We qualify as much as possible each buyer’s needs, financial status, purchasing limitations and ability to make a decision – minimising the inconvenience to you and your family.

Marketing Exposure

In addition to any planned marketing program, First National Upper Coomera also provides a prominent sign board, large colour window display, property flyers and internet exposure  at no cost to you

Effective Advertising Options

First National Upper Coomera constantly monitors the success of each advertising medium and you will be provided with the most cost effective extra marketing options available. Proof of expenditure and copies of advertisements will be provided to you and any unused funds will be refunded in full at settlement where the funds have been prepaid.

Immediate Database Promotion

First National Upper Coomera maintain a database of all prospective purchasers looking for property in the area and every member of the team will promote your property to their existing buyers immediatly after listing.

Neighbourhood Promotion

The sales statistics show that many sales occur through “word of mouth” when one of your neighbours introduce the property to friends or relatives. First National Upper Coomera leverages this and promptly make all local residents and absentee owners aware of the opportunity.

Offers in Writing

All offers to purchase your property will be presented in writing on a PAMD approved contract minimising any risk of your sale not proceeding smoothly to settlement.