Property Management Services

Management ServicesThe award winning First National Real Estate Upper Coomera property management team provide the following property management services:-

Property Inspections

Periodic inspections are carried out every four months. Following each inspection a report is sent to the Lessor and a copy is kept on our files. This service is provided at no charge to the Lessor.

Listing and Advertising

We provide rental lists on all available properties both at the agency and online. and all inspections with prospective tenants are conducted with a member of the property management team.


An arrears list is printed daily and reviewed by our Principal and the Property Management team. Tenants who appear on this list are telephoned immediately. We diarise our telephone conversations and follow up with the tenants until they have rectified the arrears.

If we cannot contact the tenant by telephone, we visit the property and where necessary will leave a letter for the tenants to contact our office urgently. We also send out the required Notices in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act. Unfortunately the Act does not allow for Notices to be sent until the tenants are 7 clear days in arrears. The notice is then sent on the eighth day, hence the importance of contacting the tenants prior to the eighth day. Our owners are notified of tenants who are in arrears so there are no surprises at mid month or month end when Lessors receive their statements.


New tenants are required to sign for keys when taking possession of the property. We hold a master set to each property at our office. Should a tenant lose keys or not hand in the correct number of keys at the termination of the lease they will be charged for replacement keys and or locks where required from bond monies. As an added measure of easy identification and key matching, we photocopy the keys and place a copy on the Lessors file.

Condition Report

A full detailed Entry Condition Report is completed by our Property Management Division prior to tenants taking possession of the home. A copy of this report is sent to the property owner.

Carpets must be cleaned prior to tenants moving in, lawns mowed and gardens tidy. It is the responsibility of the Lessor to have pest control done annually for cockroaches and spiders. However, if a tenant has a pet (approved and in accordance with their lease) they must arrange for flea control both internal and external when vacating the premises.

At the termination of a lease we will carry out a full inspection of the premises and complete an Exit Condition Report. Tenants are required to arrange and pay for professional carpet cleaning, flea control where applicable, lawn mowing and weeding of gardens. The interior of the house is to be cleaned by the tenants, however some tenants prefer to arrange for a Professional Cleaner to carry out this work.. The Entry Condition Report is used to compare the condition of the property at the end of the lease, wear and tear considered. The tenant’s bond monies which are held by the Residential Tenancies Authority will not be released until we are satisfied that the property has been cleaned satisfactorily.


Management ServicesOur nominated trades people have all completed the REIQ Contractor Appointment Forms. We ensure that all trades people appointed by this office to undertake work at any of the investment properties within our portfolio are fully licensed, adequately insured and carry public liability cover. If they cannot produce their public liability policy number we DO NOT allow them to enter any property to carry out work.

Unless otherwise advised by a Lessor at the start of the Management, we will undertake minor maintenance work at the property when required. However for major repairs (over $100.00) we will contact the Lessor first and also arrange for quotes to be done. The quotes are forwarded to the Lessor for approval.

Landlord Protection Insurance

We encourage all our Lessors to carry Landlord Protection Insurance. Our Lessors have peace of mind that their investment properties are being managed by a professional team, providing an excellent service. However, they also understand that sometimes tenants can fall on hard times, marriage and partnership break ups happen, tenants become unemployed due to redundancy etc. This puts a strain on the tenants finances, consequently one of the first account not to be paid is often the rent.
If cover is in place and all Notices have been sent to the tenant/s for arrears, a claim can be lodged for loss of rent up to 15 weeks.

We have a blanket policy with AON Risk Services and enclose for your perusal, a booklet detailing the cover they provide.

Applications For Tenancy

All applicants are screened thoroughly. We confirm their current address with either the Managing Agent or Lessor. If the prospective tenant advises they own and are selling their current residence, we check this through our On-Line RPDATA search system which provides us full Council and Titles Office ownership information. This will confirm whether they are the current owners of the property they are living in. We check all references, referees and employment details.


We are members of the Tenancy Information Centre of Australasia. A service available to Real Estate Agents only. This enables us to check whether the tenants have been listed for previous rent default and/or malicious damage to a property.

Council Rates

We can arrange for your Council Rates Notices to be directed to our office, and payments made from rental monies received on your behalf. This expense will appear on your Financial Year Statement for taxation purposes.

Notices are currently being received in our office Mid January which of course is the holiday season. If you happen to be away on holiday at this time there is no need to worry about a late payment of rates or missing out on the discount period as we will take care of this for you.

Excess Water

Written Notification of “Water Consumption” and excess water rates notices will automatically be forwarded to our office. We can keep track of how much water is being used at a property and also on-charge any excess usage to the tenant/s. Should the Notification of Water Consumption show a projected usage that may exceed the annual allowance per year we will inform tenants immediately and where required, investigate further to ensure there are no leaking pipes underground or within the house that could be causing a higher than usual consumption.

Tenant Kit

Tenants are provided with a Kit at the start of the tenancy. The Kit contains the following:
  • Lease / Condition Report / Bond Lodgement Form
  • List of guidelines for care of the property
  • List of the “Preferred Tradespeople” we use
  • List of essential services, including local schools, emergency services
  • Information Sheet – pest control of spiders and cockroaches

Tenants of the Month

Due to the regularity of our periodic inspections, our tenants make every effort to keep their homes in a clean and tidy condition as Certificates for “Tenant of the Month” are awarded to those who have kept their property in outstanding condition. This helps to build a good rapport with tenants and encourages them to continue to maintain your investment property in excellent condition. The tenants keep their
Certificates as these are great for future reference for tenants wanting to apply for other rental properties.

Tenant Rent Payments

We provide all tenants with a bank deposit book so that rent can be paid direct to our Trust Account. Should tenants travel away on holiday they can still deposit their rent monies at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank nationwide.

Disbursement to Owners

At month end rental monies received are disbursed directly to owners bank accounts electronically. This provides for “cleared funds” to owners immediately. We can also provide disbursements to owners accounts fortnightly if required.

A statement will be posted to you following disbursement of funds.

Rental Appraisals

Available to all prospective Lessors is our “obligation free” written appraisal of their investment property.

Our opinion of the rental value of a property is based on our awareness of the “current” conditions within the rental marketplace. Our combined knowledge of the Gold Coast and constant in-house research provides us with up to date information and status of the rental market at all times.

WE WILL NOT provide an appraisal over the telephone

The Property Management team will inspect your investment property and complete a Property Detail sheet. This enables us to list any special features that can be included in our Company’s marketing of the property.