Property Management Service Guarantee

Service GuaranteeFirst National Real Estate Upper Coomera clients are provided a no strings attached, money back property management service guarantee.

If you are not 100% satisfied with the service you receive during the first three months of our property management services or we do not meet your expectations for any reason, all management fees and charges will be repaid in full.

What you can expect from us:


  1. A “For Lease” sign will be placed on the property (if applicable).
  2. Your property will be listed on 5 major websites and host of smaller property portals including
  3. Your property will be advertised in the Gold Coast Bulletin, read by over 150,000 people each weekend

Leasing Applications & Renewals

  1. Every application will be submitted to you for your decision
  2. All applications will have a TICA database search conducted and all business and personal referrals will thoroughly checked for your piece of mind
  3. Your property will be leased at the amount specified on your Management Agreement or higher, unless advised by you
  4. Once an application has been approved, documentation will be completed promptly
  5. A detailed condition report will be completed prior to tenancy commencement
  6. Successful applicants will be interviewed upon signing documents and explained their responsibilities to your property
  7. A signed copy will be given to you once tenancy has proceeded

Upon Renewal

  1. Tenants will be contacted 2 months prior to the lease’s expiration
  2. Rent will be reviewed for a further fixed term or at a different rate as per your instructions
  3. If the tenancy agreement is not to be renewed, you will be notified at the earliest opportunity.

Property Inspections

  1. Whilst your property is vacant, your property will be inspected at least once every week
  2. Three annual routine inspections of your property will be conducted and you will be given a detailed report on condition, internally and externally
  3. Your tenants will be contacted within the first thirty days of their tenancy to ensure that they have settled in and the property is to their satisfaction
  4. Inspections will be carried out prior to the tenants vacating, as well as a detailed exit condition report once the property has been vacated, with a report sent to you in both instances

Rent Collection

  1. We will make all efforts to collect the rent in full on or before the due date for payment, however, if payment has not been received by the due date, your tenants will be contacted.
  2. If payment of the rent in full is not received within 3 days of the due date, the tenants will be sent a ‘friendly reminder’.
  3. If payment has not been received within 8 days of the due date, the tenants will be mailed a notice to remedy breach, advising them if rent is not paid within 7 days, a termination notice will be issued.
  4. If rent is not paid within 15 days of the due date, a Termination Notice will be issued advising the tenants to vacate your property within 7 days together with a guide to vacating.

Rent Processing and Accounting

  1. Each month, an itemized report will be sent to you showing all income and expenses relating to your property;
  2. You will also receive an end of year summery of all income and expenditure for the preceding financial year;
  3. Rental payments will be made to you as you specifically instruct in a timely manner and should there be insufficient funds held to meet those payments, you will be advised.

Repairs and Maintenance

  1. Repairs to your property will not proceed if they exceed your specific written instruction unless they are deemed to be of an urgency that warrants immediate action.
  2. Only qualified tradespeople will carry out repairs and maintenance to your property
  3. Original invoices for all repairs carried out to your property will be given to you
  4. If any repairs you authorize exceed one month’s rent, you will be requested to pay the relevant account or alternatively, forward payment to us and that will facilitate payment through your account.


  1. You will be promptly advised of any matter affecting your property or its tenancy;
  2. We will advise you of prospective tenant response after advertisement or open homes.
  3. You will be promptly advised if your tenant is 14 days in arrears with a rental payment
  4. If your tenant is issued a Termination Notice, you will be advised immediately.
  5. You will be promptly advised if an Application is made to the Tenancies Tribunal;
  6. If you tenant decides to vacate your property, you can expect to be informed immediately.
  7. You will be informed when your tenant advises their intentions regarding renewal termination of their lease.